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  1. Chalkias Christos, Kalogeropoulos Kleomenis, Tsatsaris Andreas
    The study of urban sprawl through historical maps - The case of Petroupolis, 2018|Feb
  2. Kanellopoulou Dimitra
    Pedestrianization in the centre of Athens: A brief history and some questions, 2016|Dec
  3. Loverdou Eleni
    The research web in Attica: a concise presentation, 2016|Oct
  4. Markou Maria
    Renovation projects at Faliro Bay, 2015|Dec
  5. Vlastos Thanos
    Public transport, 2015|Dec
  6. Kaparos George, Skayannis Pantoleon
    Large infrastructure projects, 2015|Dec
  7. Chlomoudis Constantinos
    The development of the Piraeus Port Authority and COSCO, 2015|Dec
  8. Oikonomou Dimitris
    The international economic role of Athens, 2015|Dec
  9. Vlastos Thanos
    Road works and traffic organisation, 2015|Dec
  10. Delladetsimas Pavlos – Marinos
    Olympic Games and Olympic Venues, 2015|Dec