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  1. Arapoglou Vassilis, Mantanika Regina, Spyrellis Stavros Nikiforos, Κourachanis Νikos
    Infrastructures of social integration and refugee settlement in Athens, 2024|Jan
  2. Poulios Dimitris
    The Incomplete Reform: Regulating space in Metapolitefsi Athens 1978–1985, 2022|Sep
  3. Burgi Noëlle, Kyramargiou Eleni
    Regulating the poor. The Greek Guaranteed Minimum Income, 2021|Nov
  4. Myofa Nikolina
    Social housing estates in Athens, 2021|May
  5. Triantis Loukas
    The spatial planning framework for Athens City Centre. Aspects of strategic and normative planning, 2017|Jun
  6. Pettas Dimitris
    The production of space under conflict conditions, 2017|Feb
  7. Chatzikonstantinou Evangelia, Vatavali Fereniki
    Mapping energy poverty in Athens during the crisis, 2016|Dec
  8. Pavleas Sotiris
    The "Smart Specialisation Strategy" in the Region of Attica, 2016|Jan
  9. Kavoulakos Karolos - Iosif
    Public space and urban movements: scope, content and practices, 2015|Dec
  10. Giannakopoulos Kostas
    Metaxourgio / Keramikos and Gazi: Gentrification and multiculturalism in new residents’ discourse, 2015|Dec
  11. Gritzas George, Kavoulakos Karolos - Iosif
    Alternative economic and political spaces: Facing the crisis or creating a new society?, 2015|Dec
  12. Pillant Laurence
    Operation “Xenios Zeus”: A strategy for deterring immigration through detention, intimidation and violation of migrants’ rights, 2015|Dec
  13. Pantelidou Maloutas Maro
    Youth and politics: Political attitudes of the young in Athens during the crisis, 2015|Dec
  14. Triantafyllopoulos Nikos
    The building stock of central Athens, 2015|Dec
  15. Arampatzi Athina
    Contesting the Crisis: Cooperative/ Social Economy and Solidarity or Charity?, 2015|Dec
  16. Arapoglou Vassilis, Gounis Kostas
    In the shadow of the welfare state crisis: Visible and invisible homelessness in Athens in 2013, 2015|Dec
  17. Kaltsa Maria
    Project Athens-Attica 2014, 2015|Dec
  18. Chalkias Christos, Delladetsimas Pavlos – Marinos, Sapountzaki Kalliopi
    Adjustments to the financial crisis: redistributing vulnerability and producing new long-term risks, 2015|Dec
  19. Kakepaki Manina
    Members of Parliament in Attica, 1990-2012. Social and political characteristics, 2015|Dec
  20. Hadjimichalis Costis
    Seizing public land in Attica, 2015|Dec
  21. Daliou Sofia, Kandylis George, Sagia Alexandra
    A city under siege: Military urbanism in contemporary Athens, 2015|Dec
  22. Chorianopoulos Ioannis, Pagonis Thanos
    The logic and practices of administration levels: Metropolitan governance, 2015|Dec
  23. Pantelidou Maloutas Maro
    Youth and politics: The political involvement of the young prior to the crisis, 2015|Dec
  24. Alexandri Georgia
    Gentrification in the neighbourhoods of the Athenian centre, 2015|Dec
  25. Oikonomou Dimitris
    The international economic role of Athens, 2015|Dec
  26. Delladetsimas Pavlos – Marinos
    Olympic Games and Olympic Venues, 2015|Dec