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  1. Toussi Evgenia
    Initial planning and current situation of refugee housing and outdoor public spaces in the post-refugee urban settlement of Nikea in Attica, 2024|Jan
  2. Kalfa Konstantina
    Athens apartmentalized, 1955-1970, 2023|Dec
  3. Poulios Dimitris
    Urban governance and spatial policies in Athens during a period of crisis (2009–2015): Attempts to reconstruct the city, institutional turning points and the role of Local Governments, 2023|Feb
  4. Maloutas Thomas, Spyrellis Stavros Nikiforos
    The social profile of the city's waterfront and the real estate market, 2022|Aug
  5. Balaoura Olga
    The geography of manufacturing activity in Athens during the crisis, 2022|Jun
  6. Myofa Nikolina
    Social housing estates in Athens, 2021|May
  7. Maloutas Thomas, Spyrellis Stavros Nikiforos
    Inequality and segregation in Athens: Maps and data, 2019|Dec
  8. Christoforaki Katerina, Kyramargiou Eleni, Prentou Polina
    Social and spatial atlas of Refugee Piraeus, 2019|Oct
  9. Koutoumanou Anastasia
    Recording the use and ownership patterns of apartments in the Athenian apartment block (polykatoikia), 2018|Dec
  10. Christoforaki Katerina
    The spatial and social footprint of the energy saving program “Eksikonomisi Kat’ Oikοn”, 2018|May
  11. Chalkias Christos, Kalogeropoulos Kleomenis, Tsatsaris Andreas
    The study of urban sprawl through historical maps - The case of Petroupolis, 2018|Feb
  12. Maloutas Thomas
    Piraeus 1951-2011: demographic stagnation within a vibrant metropolis, 2017|Feb
  13. Kallivretakis Leonidas
    Planning Athens in the 19th Century, 2016|Dec
  14. Kanellopoulou Dimitra
    Pedestrianization in the centre of Athens: A brief history and some questions, 2016|Dec
  15. Chatzikonstantinou Evangelia, Vatavali Fereniki
    Mapping energy poverty in Athens during the crisis, 2016|Dec
  16. Maloutas Thomas, Spyrellis Stavros Nikiforos
    Vacant houses, 2016|Sep
  17. Bourlessas Panagiotis
    Spatial proximity and social distances: vertical social differentiation in an appartment block of Athens, 2015|Dec
  18. Kavoulakos Karolos - Iosif
    Public space and urban movements: scope, content and practices, 2015|Dec
  19. Karidis Dimitris
    Athens: Urban social division during the transition from the city under Ottoman rule to the capital of Greece, 2015|Dec
  20. Giannakopoulos Kostas
    Metaxourgio / Keramikos and Gazi: Gentrification and multiculturalism in new residents’ discourse, 2015|Dec
  21. Markou Maria
    Renovation projects at Faliro Bay, 2015|Dec
  22. Maloutas Thomas, Spyrellis Stavros Nikiforos
    Vertical social segregation in Athenian apartment buildings, 2015|Dec
  23. Chalkias Christos, Delladetsimas Pavlos – Marinos, Sapountzaki Kalliopi
    Natural hazards and climate change risks in Athens, 2015|Dec
  24. Kafantaris Fanis
    Omonia square: from space to words, 2015|Dec
  25. Triantafyllopoulos Nikos
    The building stock of central Athens, 2015|Dec
  26. Tournikiotis Panayotis
    The revival of the centre of Athens along Panepistimiou Street, 2015|Dec
  27. Andriopoulos Themis
    Omonia square as a limit and a narrator, 2015|Dec
  28. Kaltsa Maria
    Project Athens-Attica 2014, 2015|Dec
  29. Kaltsa Maria, Maloutas Thomas
    The Project “Reactivate Athens - 101 ideas”. Athens in crisis and the social dimension of urban design, 2015|Dec
  30. Kaparos George, Skayannis Pantoleon
    Large infrastructure projects, 2015|Dec
  31. Alexandri Georgia
    Gentrification in the neighbourhoods of the Athenian centre, 2015|Dec