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  1. Dillenseger Clément
    Stray cats between urban planning, heritagization and ecofeminism, 2023|Aug
  2. Georgikopoulos Ioannis
    Renewing architectural memory: the historic buildings of Neo Faliro, 2020|Jan
  3. Andriopoulos Themis
    The street as a character in the narrative of a city: the case of Vasilissis Sofias Avenue, 2019|Jan
  4. Pazarzi Iliana, Tsangaris Michael
    Alternative forms of expression on the city’s walls in times of crisis, 2018|Jan
  5. Kaminari Melinna
    Tracing Liminalities: In the Limits of the Archaeological Sites of Athens, 2017|Dec
  6. Sotiriou Dimitris
    Asclepieion Athens Park: A proposal, 2017|Nov
  7. Sakellariou Alexandros
    Religion in the city: Religious diversity in urban space, 2017|Jun
  8. Georgikou Afroditi
    Changing number and location of cinemas from 1950 to 2015, 2015|Dec
  9. Andriopoulos Themis
    Omonia square as a limit and a narrator, 2015|Dec
  10. Deffner Alex – Michael, Karachalis Nicolas, Katsafadou Sotiria
    The city’s museums, 2015|Dec
  11. Deffner Alex – Michael, Lalou Georgia, Psatha Eva
    Theatres, 2015|Dec
  12. Caftanzoglou Roxane
    Consuming images: Defending a place, 2015|Dec