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  1. Myofa Nikolina
    Social housing estates in Athens, 2021|May
  2. Bournova Eugenia
    The Spanish Flu in Athens, 2020|May
  3. Dimitropoulos Giorgos
    Koukaki through the eyes of seven residents: A Place of Residence and Transit, 2020|Apr
  4. Georgikopoulos Ioannis
    Renewing architectural memory: the historic buildings of Neo Faliro, 2020|Jan
  5. Karidis Dimitris
    An alternative approach to the 1833 plan of Athens, 2019|Jun
  6. Kyrimis Konstantinos
    Athens’ air-raid shelters 1936-40, 2019|Jun
  7. Andriopoulos Themis
    The street as a character in the narrative of a city: the case of Vasilissis Sofias Avenue, 2019|Jan
  8. Bournova Eugenia, Stoyannidis Yannis
    Gazochori: The History of a Neighbourhood (1857–1980), 2018|Dec
  9. Kaminari Melinna
    Tracing Liminalities: In the Limits of the Archaeological Sites of Athens, 2017|Dec
  10. Potamianos Nikos
    Cosmopolitan Athens: the communities of Western Europeans in Athens in the 19th century, 2017|Dec
  11. Potamianos Nikos
    Locating retail commerce and craft industry in Athens 1830-1925, 2017|Nov
  12. Triantis Loukas
    The spatial planning framework for Athens City Centre. Aspects of strategic and normative planning, 2017|Jun
  13. Andriopoulos Themis
    Brothels: houses which stood the test of time, 2017|May
  14. Leontidou Lila
    Slums of Hope, 2017|Apr
  15. Kallivretakis Leonidas
    Planning Athens in the 19th Century, 2016|Dec
  16. Karidis Dimitris
    Athens: Urban social division during the transition from the city under Ottoman rule to the capital of Greece, 2015|Dec
  17. Kafantaris Fanis
    Omonia square: from space to words, 2015|Dec
  18. Lafazani Olga, Vaiou Dina
    Kypseli and its Market: conflict and coexistence in the neighbourhoods of the city centre, 2015|Dec
  19. Stathi Katerina
    Athens in the Ottoman map of 1827, 2015|Dec
  20. Bournova Eugenia, Dimitropoulou Myrto
    The capital’s social and professional stratification, 1860-1940, 2015|Dec