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  1. Κourachanis Νikos
    Social Policy and Homelessness Services in Athens, 2019|Mar
  2. Koutoumanou Anastasia
    Recording the use and ownership patterns of apartments in the Athenian apartment block (polykatoikia), 2018|Dec
  3. Christoforaki Katerina
    The spatial and social footprint of the energy saving program “Eksikonomisi Kat’ Oikοn”, 2018|May
  4. Leontidou Lila
    Slums of Hope, 2017|Apr
  5. Myofa Nikolina, Papadias Evaggelos
    The development in the neighborhood of Dourgouti since 1922, 2016|Nov
  6. Maloutas Thomas, Spyrellis Stavros Nikiforos
    Vacant houses, 2016|Sep
  7. Bourlessas Panagiotis
    Spatial proximity and social distances: vertical social differentiation in an appartment block of Athens, 2015|Dec
  8. Sapounakis Aris
    The homeless: The increasing size of a vulnerable group, 2015|Dec
  9. Patatouka Elena
    Access to owner-occupied housing through mortgage lending, 1990-2013: Loan-holders’ housing mobility towards the suburbs and exclusion from mortgages in the city centre, 2015|Dec
  10. Emmanuel Dimitris
    Social aspects of access to home ownership, 2015|Dec
  11. Maloutas Thomas, Spyrellis Stavros Nikiforos
    Vertical social segregation in Athenian apartment buildings, 2015|Dec
  12. Triantafyllopoulos Nikos
    The building stock of central Athens, 2015|Dec
  13. Arapoglou Vassilis, Gounis Kostas
    In the shadow of the welfare state crisis: Visible and invisible homelessness in Athens in 2013, 2015|Dec
  14. Balampanidis Dimitris, Polyzou Iris
    Disrupting the trend to abandon the centre of Athens: migrants in housing and business activities, 2015|Dec
  15. Balampanidis Dimitris
    Access of immigrants to homeownership (2000-2010). Main patterns of "horizontal" and "vertical" ethnic residential segregation in the Municipality of Athens, 2015|Dec