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  1. Bournova Eugenia, Gouzi Vincent
    Going down Piraeus Street: the metamorphoses of a street, witness of industrial Greece, 2023|Jun
  2. Maloutas Thomas, Spyrellis Stavros Nikiforos
    The social profile of the city's waterfront and the real estate market, 2022|Aug
  3. Balaoura Olga
    The geography of manufacturing activity in Athens during the crisis, 2022|Jun
  4. Burgi Noëlle, Kyramargiou Eleni
    Regulating the poor. The Greek Guaranteed Minimum Income, 2021|Nov
  5. Lialios Giorgos
    Property transformations in the centre of Athens during the economic crisis years (2009-2018). The case of Exarcheia., 2021|Sep
  6. Arapoglou Vassilis, Karadimitriou Nikos, Maloutas Thomas, Sayas John
    Deprivation areas in Attica, 2021|Jun
  7. Marougkas Konstantinos
    The evolution of land uses and population in Psyrri district, 2020|Aug
  8. Maloutas Thomas, Spyrellis Stavros Nikiforos
    Inequality and segregation in Athens: Maps and data, 2019|Dec
  9. Faka Antigoni, Skordili Sofia
    The impact of the crisis on food retailing in Athens, 2018|Aug
  10. Christoforaki Katerina
    The spatial and social footprint of the energy saving program “Eksikonomisi Kat’ Oikοn”, 2018|May
  11. Potamianos Nikos
    Locating retail commerce and craft industry in Athens 1830-1925, 2017|Nov
  12. Maloutas Thomas, Spyrellis Stavros Nikiforos
    Vacant houses, 2016|Sep
  13. Pavleas Sotiris
    The "Smart Specialisation Strategy" in the Region of Attica, 2016|Jan
  14. Belavilas Nikos, Prentou Polina
    Abandoned buildings and vacant shops: The spatial pattern of the crisis, 2015|Dec
  15. Patatouka Elena
    Access to owner-occupied housing through mortgage lending, 1990-2013: Loan-holders’ housing mobility towards the suburbs and exclusion from mortgages in the city centre, 2015|Dec
  16. Triantafyllopoulos Nikos
    The building stock of central Athens, 2015|Dec
  17. Hadjimichalis Costis
    Seizing public land in Attica, 2015|Dec
  18. Chlomoudis Constantinos
    The development of the Piraeus Port Authority and COSCO, 2015|Dec
  19. Oikonomou Dimitris
    The international economic role of Athens, 2015|Dec